Hsinchu City - A Smart City
What is a smart city?   
Smart cities apply information and communication technologies to monitor, measure, and control the city, the technologies used can range from parking to water supplies; public transportation systems to governance service; and healthcare to data sharing.
A smart city is about cost cutting and the efficiency of delivering quality services to the residents. No matter the location, size, or scale, their main goal is to apply vision-driven, community based, and technology-smart solutions to problems encountered.
A smart city emphasizes on expanding skills and technology, innovation crafting and developing the knowledge of works, it engages the citizens as advocates for progress and applies a people-first concept when it comes to changes and innovation.

What makes Hsinchu City a Smart City?

Hsinchu City is full of talented people, it is home to the world famous Hsinchu Science Park, five universities, Industrial Technology Research Institute, National Space Organization, National Gravity Base Station, and the Food Industry Research and Development Institute; Filled with technology and innovation resources, it has long earned the reputation of a Technological City. The City Government has launched many projects and programs partnering this unique city characteristic, exerting in the construction of a smart city, earning the honor of being one of the top 7 Intelligent Communities in the world by the ICF (Intelligent Community Forum).
In recent years, the City Government has extensively rolled out smart city innovations, they are as follows: 
  • Open Data Platform
  • Strengthening of the city wireless network
  • Creating a Hackathon event in Taiwan for websites
  • E-ticketing co-operation with Taiwan Tourism Shuttle
  • Real-time image display traffic information
  • Intersection anti-crash warning system
  • Flat roads platform (online live reporting and inquiry)
  • Underground pipeline and information system
  • Installing smart gates for cross-rail underpasses
  • Land governance e-services (App, QR code progress check, inter-city, county applications)
  • Cloud based health care and an additional appointment booking services
  • YouBikes (a green transportation system reaching a milestone of 39 stations within 6 months)
  • Easy Parking smart application (real-time parking information application)
  • Number plate recognition parking management system 

Hsinhchu City has implemented many smart innovations and services with all efforts, receiving many affirmations from various media and governance surveys, truly living up to the name of a smart city.